4th Wall Theatre, Inc.
Theatre on the Edge
Bloomfield, New Jersey

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*4th Wall’s M.I.D. (Musicals-in-Development) Stage Series is designed to present new musical theatre works from emerging composers and writers. The chosen submission will have a bare-bones, 3-night production presented by 4th Wall, including talk back sessions with the audience at the conclusion of each evening’s performance. The writers, in conjunction with the 4th Wall staff, will be able to use the rehearsal process as a workshop of their work to continue to hone and develop the piece to its fullest potential.

The goal is to create a forum where new and emerging artists can have their work presented in a supportive environment, outside the intense glare of New York as an important and critical development step for the work. The hope is that one day these works will become the main stage productions for other theatres.

**4th Wall's Off the Wall Series is an opportunity for the theatre company to presents works, either plays or musicals, which for some reason (size, anticipated costs or more experimental in nature) cannot be presented as part of our main stage works.

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